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What is Basic Bitch Cosmetics?

Basic Bitch Cosmetics is a make up and cosmetics company designed and developed by Lucy Watson. 

What products does Basic Bitch Cosmetics make?

Currently Basic Bitch Cosmetics only has three (3) lipstick products available. They are: peach perfect, errday and queen bee. 

How can I purchase from Basic Bitch Cosmetics?

You can only purchase our products from our online website. All payments are 100% secure and we do not hold any credit card information ourselves. Shop now

Are Basic Bitch Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Yes all Basic Bitch Cosmetics are Cruelty Free and PETA Approved. 

Is Basic Bitch Cosmetics PETA Approved?

Yes, Basic Bitch Cosmetics is PETA Approved and we have full rights from PETA to use the below logo. 

Are Basic Bitch products Vegan? 

Our current selection of lipsticks are not Vegan however they are completely cruelty free and PETA approved. We aim to develop vegan cosmetics as part of our next phase and mission in 2017!